Pre-Conference Courses

EMS Out of Africa

Date: 9th November 2020

This is a 1-day, standardised, systems-focused course delivered by AFEM’s Out of Hospital Emergency Care (OHEC) Committee. The objectives of this course are to educate and sensitise participants about various components of an out-of-hospital emergency care system in an African context. Participants will gain an understanding of key system components and principles of inter-relatedness, including, but not limited to:

(i) policy and governance,

(ii) quality assurance and improvement,

(iii) communications and dispatch,

(iv) providers scope, training and certifications, and

(v) oversight and medical direction.

The format will be interactive and will require participants to critically evaluate their OHEC system in a workshop format.

*Course content reflects consensus outputs derived from prior African OHEC stakeholder discussions.

Snakebites in Africa

Date: 9th November 2020

This 1-day course will focus on the natural history of reptiles, and more specifically venomous snakes as well as the correct and up to date treatment of venomous snakebites in Africa. Case studies will be presented showing practical examples of how correct snakebite management can lead to, in many cases, a full recovery. A host of internationally recognised experts in the herpetological and medical fields will be speaking at the seminar. This seminar will be a good opportunity for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of snakes and snakebite.

A Research Primer for the
Busy Healthcare Practitioner

Date: 9th November 2020

Are all experiments experimental? What is an observational study? How do I calculate a power sample anyway? Is qualitative research real research? Join us to find out the answer to these and other questions at this exciting pre-conference course.

Come ready to be equipped with the basic tools necessary to develop a research project. Understand the fundamentals of quantitative and qualitative research. Learn about the academic style of writing and practice writing with your peers. Finally, explore local and international opportunities to get your research funded.

Reinventing Medical Education

Date: 9th November 2020

This interactive, innovative, and highly useful course is aimed at medical educators who want to “reach their utopia” in medical education and their full potential as effective choreographers of learning. The course will cover:

  • The taxonomy of significant learning
  • Presentation design and delivery
  • Medical education in low resource settings
  • How to effectively give feedback
  • Curriculum design that makes a difference
  • The intersection of social media and medical education
  • Innovations in medical education
  • Personal branding/voice development
  • Podcasting in medical education

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